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Trusted by over 4,000 practices.

Mjog provides a trusted solution for patient engagement. From reliable video consultations to personalised appointment reminders and batch messaging.

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Benefits - Reduce Did Not Attends


Reduce your 'Did Not Attends'

Our appointment reminders are flexible and customisable for your practice needs. Set different reminders for each patient, clinic and appointment type.

An effective tool to engage with your patients

Whether you're a GP looking to communicate 1:1, or a member of the team needing to reach bigger groups, Mjog is the right solution for your practice.

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Benefits - Benefit 2 - Schedule Ahead of Time
Benefits - Benefit 3 - Faster Batch Messaging

Desktop GP simplifies 1-1 engagement

Our clinician toolbar, Desktop GP, is designed for GPs by GPs. A platform that makes video consultations easy to arrange and facilitates a space for patients to send messages and photos before a consultation.

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Benefits - Cut Unnecessary Postage

Cut unnecessary postage costs

Batch messaging to large groups of patients helps practices save thousands in postage costs. By sending batch messages instead of letters, practices save over £3 for every 10 messages - plus all the admin time involved.


We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.