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Mjog provides a trusted solution for patient engagement. From reliable video consultations to personalised appointment reminders and batch messaging.
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An effective tool to engage with your patients

Whether you're a GP looking to communicate 1:1, or a member of the team needing to reach bigger groups, Mjog is the right solution for your practice.

Reduce your 'Did Not Attends'

Our appointment reminders are flexible and customisable for your practice needs. Set different reminders for each patient, clinic and appointment type.

Faster batch messaging

Our adaptable messaging system can handle large amounts of patient data with ease. Communicate with patients instantly, and save valuable time for your team.

Schedule ahead of time

Our batch messaging gives you the freedom to schedule messages up to a year in advance. A great way to save time and get ahead during quieter periods.

Automate your reminders

Set up your clinics and let Mjog do the rest. Our reliable appointment reminders allow patients to rearrange or cancel if they need to.

One platform for your practice

Mjog helps over 4,000 practices manage their practice every week

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We began by using Mjog to communicate with our patients with asthma to schedule their reviews, which has worked fantastically. We’ve managed to meet our QoF targets, keeping up with booking and completing the reviews as we were pre-pandemic, which we’re very proud of.
Dr David Cooper

Old Machar Practice, Aberdeen

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Dr David Cooper

We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.

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