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  • Flagship Programme

Discover our Flagship Programme

Flagship practices are central to the Mjog community, working closely with each team to level up their patient engagement using the latest technology.


Working together with practices

By working alongside clinicians and practices, we're leading the way towards one practice platform.

Meet the Flagships


Why join the programme

Becoming a Flagship practice is hugely beneficial to your practice and patients alike. We listen to your feedback to develop the best ways to connect you with your patients.

Get early access to new features

Flagships get to try out new features before they're released to other practices. By co-designing with us, Flagships help us develop software that's powerful and effective for everyone.

Dedicated support from our Flagship team

When you join the Flagship Programme, you'll gain access to a dedicated Flagship Manager who can help assist you with anything Mjog.

Tailored training for your practice

Flagship Practices can design a tailored training programme with our Flagships team, to learn how to use our most powerful features to benefit your patients.

Help to develop new features

Pitch your innovative idea or improvement suggestions to our Flagship team and it will be fed back to our development teams for consideration. We welcome all of your ideas in our Mjog Community Group.

Improve patient engagement

Practices that join the Flagship Programme see improvements with their patient engagement within just a few weeks. Our team will ensure your systems are correctly setup to save you time and energy.

Free and easy to sign up

The Flagship Programme is easy to join and it's completely free. Your practice will benefit from new features, dedicated support, and early access to the best new features.


We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.