Report: How Covid-19 Changed General Practice

The publication explores how the pandemic has impacted patient interaction and collaboration with colleagues. Practice managers also share future improvements they would like to see.

Few could have predicted the impact of COVID-19.

For GP practices already dealing with workforce shortages and rising patient demand, it presented another challenge. To deliver care in a context of successive national lockdowns, evolving guidance and restrictions.

This necessitated a seismic shift in the very functions of general practice almost overnight. Described by the BMJ as “biggest change in the organisation of UK general practice for 200 years,” the pandemic would transform how patients interact with primary care and how care teams collaborate and work together.

As the bedrock of the NHS, general practice ably adapted and rose to the challenge.

But what has been the impact? How are GP practices working today? We commissioned a qualitative survey in collaboration with Practice Index to find out.

This report presents the experiences of those working on the frontline and covers:

  1. How patient interaction has changed
  2. How the pandemic affected collaboration with colleagues
  3. How practice managers believe practice life can be made easier

Feel patient interaction has increased via access to mediums such as website or online triage.


Believe patients now have a greater service expectation.


Feel remote working has enabled greater transparency and better ways of working.

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