Q&A: Mjog in the Cloud – what it means for your practice

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Mjog Cloud will deliver the same intuitive practice platform through cloud software. This change simply removes the need for local installations of Mjog by Livi, and means you’ll enjoy the increased accessibility the cloud can offer.

Here’s everything you and your practice need to know about the change.

What are the benefits of Mjog Cloud for practices?

Moving from an on-premise only installed platform, Mjog customers will soon be able to access Mjog from any location with an internet connection, safely and securely.

Mjog will also be able to access your system for repairs and any new installations without the need to arrange admin rights with your IT team. The platform will become easier for us to evolve, so practices will see a faster pace of improvement than they have previously.

Why are we offering Mjog Cloud?

During Covid-19, we saw a rise in telephone and video consultations, and many practices are looking to continue offering these alternative appointment styles for the foreseeable future. This has amplified the need for a platform that is accessible from anywhere at any time.

But even before the pandemic, we had feedback from many of our customers of a need for practice staff to be able to use our platform at different locations; as remote, hybrid and flexible working was already on the rise. We also knew that clinical staff and practice managers often work across multiple sites and need to access information from a number of practices at the same time.

So we have been looking into tools that can accommodate this way of working for some time.

Is Mjog Cloud secure?

Yes. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on our database technology to ensure our platform is as secure as possible. Personal data has always been encrypted through Mjog, so we’ve been concentrating on adding extra layers of protection to keep patient data safe.

We’ve made the log in very resistant to attack, and rolled out a secure password policy for all practice users, but we’ve also managed to keep the login process simple, easy and efficient.

When will the migration start?

UPDATE: The migration has started, and we're currently working with practices who have expressed a keen interest in moving to the cloud at the earliest opportunity. We are working with practices who feel they are ready to make the move, but we would urge all practices to consider the move to ensure they have the latest and best services our platform can offer, and they are working in the most secure and efficient way possible going forward.

Our Support team is on-hand with more information about Mjog Cloud. Head over to this page to kickstart a chat with support or log a ticket.

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