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Company news – Dec 16, 2022

Q&A: Mjog in the Cloud – what it means for your practice

Mjog Cloud will deliver the same intuitive practice platform through cloud software. This change simply removes the need for local installations of Mjog by Livi, and means you’ll enjoy the increased accessibility the cloud can offer.

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Company news – Oct 20, 2022

How does Livi’s websites platform meet NHS England’s guidance on GP websites?

NHS England’s newly published guide on how to create optimal GP practice websites provides best-practice recommendations for practice managers, PCNs, ICSs and GP federations. Based on user testing, the publication outlines key considerations in a number of areas, from content and navigation through to accessibility. The goal is to support improved patient signposting and satisfaction, as well as a reduction in digital inequalities and access barriers

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Company news – Aug 15, 2022

Creating a wellbeing haven for Mandeville Medical Centre

This weekend Mandeville Medical Centre was overhauled by designer and ex-NHS worker, Siobhan Murphy famous from Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, to give back to NHS workers and create a wellness hub that reimagines the general practice. At Mjog by Livi, we wanted to show the importance of giving back to healthcare workers after a new report, published in partnership with The Future Laboratory, showed that ‘wellness architecture’ can reduce stress, heart rate and blood pressure levels, with the revamp designed to bring that concept to life in reality. After two gruelling years coping with the pandemic, the NHS workforce continues to work hard, battling long waiting lists and record demand

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Company news – Aug 7, 2022

The Plan for Digital Health and Social Care: The Livi take

The recent publication of the Plan for Digital Health and Social Care welcomingly outlined key digital transformation priorities in a single action plan. The plan may be summarised through the lens of its three core goals – to digitise, connect and transform, with a number of objectives and workstreams contained within them. First, to expand electronic records across both integrated care systems and NHS trusts

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Company news – Jul 12, 2022

Managing time-sensitive QOF Indicators for best patient outcomes

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) was updated in Spring 2022 and contained no new indicators, and no significant alterations to the existing ones. However, Covid levels are increasing, a new wave is expected, and GPs are being presented with new information about a possible further vaccination programme in the Autumn. As situations continue to change, now is a good time to be mindful of the QOF Indicators which carry a deadline, and keep as tighter watch as possible on patients with LTCs that may be affected by Covid

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Company news – Apr 22, 2022

Is there a problem with GP practice websites?

Many of the practice managers we work with tell us they know their website is no longer serving its purpose, but that they don’t know how to go about improving it. The nation’s rapid reliance on and shift into digital healthcare post-pandemic has significantly increased the need for better, more streamlined digital services in primary care, but many practices are still trying to catch up. The problem for patients with GP websites; Without consistent language, designs and formats, websites can become difficult to navigate Content is written offline and poorly translated when viewed online Accessibility issues make online transactions difficult if GOV

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Company news – Apr 22, 2022

How messaging has changed the way we talk to patients

Two years since the first national lockdown, Kevin Nutt, founder of Mjog, reflects on the use of messaging services in General Practice during the pandemic, and discusses how batch appointment reminders have helped to transform the way we communicate with patients today. The impact of Covid-19 has meant that being messaged by your practice has become a much more acceptable way of communicating – even by the older generation. From what we have seen at Mjog, many people have become a lot more receptive to receiving advice via text messaging than before the COVID-19 outbreak

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Sep 5, 2021

Introducing our new website

At Livi, it’s always been our aim to give people better access to outstanding healthcare, but we also understand how important it is to make things easier for GPs. We are all too aware of how much pressure GPs are under, and lightening that load is a significant focus for our team. A year on from our acquisition of the industry leading patient engagement platform, Mjog, we have launched our new Mjog by Livi website, showcasing our combined talents and highlighting the end-to-end solutions we can offer our partners

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Aug 9, 2021

The most powerful and intuitive batch messaging solution

Practices across the UK have relied upon Mjog to deliver batch messages and appointment reminders for over a decade. In that time, we have only made a few select changes to our interfaces to ensure continued familiarity amongst our users. Through the ongoing work we do with our Flagship practices, we've redesigned Batch Messenger to ensure it's faster and more responsive, whilst providing easier access to your essential features

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Jul 1, 2021

Five questions with Simon Lucas

We caught up with our Commercial Director, Simon Lucas, to talk about the future of Healthtech and mjog by livi's new strategic vision. Throughout this Q+A, Simon draws on his experience of partnering with GPs to create solutions that truly work for them! 1) Human-centred design has become an essential process in the health tech space in recent years, why is it so important? For all technology, the point in which you introduce user input is a vital step in a product or services development process, and one that should never be overlooked or excluded. Human or user-centred design is a methodology that focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of an end user

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Jun 30, 2021

Continued Upgrades to Desktop GP

This week our patient messaging toolbar, Desktop GP, received three key updates that will improve the workflows of GPs and save time in hundreds of General Practices across the country. MJog is now the only solution in the healthcare market that offers batch messaging, appointment reminders, and a clinician toolbar; our integrated solution helps practices work more efficiently and engage with more patients, for less. Our customer engagement managers and researchers have been working closely with GPs to uncover what the most important features for their messaging toolbars are

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Jun 15, 2021

Livi rated Outstanding by CQC

The UK's First 'Outstanding' Digital Healthcare Provider Livi, which acquired MJog last autumn, has been recognised for delivering an overall Outstanding quality of care by the CQC, in its first ever inspection. This is a landmark achievement for digital healthcare, as Livi becomes the first provider to receive an Outstanding rating. Livi enables patients to see GPs and other healthcare professionals by video through their smartphone or tablet device seven days a week

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May 12, 2021

Features You Didn't Know Mjog Had (and how they can help you!)

MJog has many features that are beneficial to practices, some of which are more advanced and not known by all of our users. Here's our top 'secret' feature that may help your practice deliver even better care: Stagger your batch messages over a period of time This feature is incredibly helpful for busy practices that need to communicate with patients, but also don't want to overwhelm reception. [In our current system] In the delivery date section of the batch messaging system, simply click and drag to select your date or hold CTRL and click the days you wish to send messages on

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Feb 7, 2021

Hancock advises all over 70s to contact their GP for COVID-19 Vaccine

In today's daily briefing held at Downing Street, Health Secretary Matt Hancock encouraged everyone over the age of 70, who is yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19, to contact their GP. This encouragement to millions of over 70s to contact their General Practice will result in clogged phone lines and anxious patients across the United Kingdom. Although the Health Secretary tried to point patients to the National Booking Service, and NHS 119, those who have experience in primary care know that patients over 70 prefer to talk to their GP, who they know and trust

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Dec 8, 2020

Mjog's COVID-19 Solution

Last week, like millions of us around the UK and the world, MJog were delighted to hear the brilliant news that the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has approved for use the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. With Astra Zeneca's Oxford Vaccine in late-stage trials there is a clear and realistic prospect that 2021 will be a much more positive year than 2020. Now comes the challenge of deploying Covid-19 vaccines at scale, whether that be through nationally run vaccination centres, regionally through NHS Trusts, locally through primary care, or a combination of these

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