How Mjog is helping practices to hit their QOF targets

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How the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) works, and how Mjog is helping practices up and down the country to hit their QOF targets.

What is QOF?

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for all GP practices in England, detailing practice achievement results.

It contains four main components, known as domains, which are: Clinical; Public Health and Public Health – Additional Services and Quality Improvement.

Each domain consists of a set of achievement measures, known as indicators, against which practices score points according to their level of achievement.

There are a number of ways in which Mjog can help practices hit QOF targets. Firstly, via The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT), created to help service providers and commissioners understand whether patients are happy with the service provided.

Our batch messaging and remote monitoring questionnaires also enable practices to engage with patients with particular needs, and help to manage long term conditions.

Below are what some of our GP customers say about us, and how we are supporting them in hitting QOF targets.

“We began by using Mjog to communicate with our patients with asthma to schedule their reviews, which has worked fantastically. We’ve managed to meet our QoF targets, keeping up with booking and completing the reviews as we were pre-pandemic, which we’re very proud of.” GP Partner and trainer, Dr David Cooper, Old Machar Practice, Aberdeen.

“We’ve been using Mjog’s batch messaging to contact patients about things like cervical smears, asthma clinic, their smoking status, and diabetes check-ups. We have had really good uptake from these messages, which helps us to hit our QOF targets.” Niné Swift, Practice Manager at Sheerwater Health Centre.

“Part of my role is to make sure we are hitting our QOF and enhanced service targets which keeps our business model viable, and I do that in part by managing the implementation and streamlining of processes. This can be tricky to oversee across four practices because they all work in different ways. So, one of my goals is to get all of our practices on board with implementing new technology that will streamline processes. We’ve been using Mjog since the start of 2021 to do just that.” Business Manager Benjamin Haresign, Arrow Surgery, Henley in Arden Medical Centre, Pool Medical Centre and Tanworth in Arden Medical Practice.

Empowering healthcare providers

Mjog supports general practice and secondary care with industry-leading software that empowers healthcare professionals to give their patients the best possible health outcome. We help more than 4,000 practices engage with patients every day, through our intuitive, flexible, and scalable solution that helps practices engage with their patients at scale.

Our appointment reminders are flexible and customisable for your practice needs. Set different reminders for each patient, clinic and appointment type, and our messaging system can handle large amounts of patient data with ease. Communicate with patients instantly, and save valuable time for your team.

A post-COVID dynamic service

The pandemic has proven that healthcare doesn't just involve going into a practice and having a conversation face to face with your GP. It's a dynamic, ongoing conversation, and technology has needed to reflect that. And from a practice point of view, it saves time and money.

You can automate gathering information that usually takes a long time so that when you have the face to face with your patients, you can spend it talking about what matters the most, their health.

Mjog supports general practice and secondary care with industry-leading software, that empowers healthcare professionals to give their patients the best possible health outcome and, in turn, make the QOF process more efficient.

We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.

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