Hints and tips for gaining QOF points

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Dr Ewan O’Farrell, Associate Medical Director at Livi, shares some hints and tips for practices looking to gain QOF points.

As the UK is rolling out Moderna’s omicron BA.1 vaccine as part of autumn booster programme, Practices are busy preparing their Covid and Flu vaccination plans.

These initiatives are of course crucial sources of income for practices, rather like the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) – the voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for GP practices.

Introduced back in the 1990s, the main objective of QOF was to drive up the quality of primary care. It gives indication of the overall achievement of a surgery through a points system. Practices aim to deliver high-quality care across a range of areas for which they score points – the higher the score, the higher the financial reward for the practice.

So what can you do to ensure your practice is doing all it can to hit QOF this autumn?

1) Think about seasonal QOF

There are various seasonal illnesses and conditions we could focus on throughout the year to help us hit QOF target, from Asthma in allergy seasons, to obesity and pre-diabetes over the festive period.

As we enter the winter months, we’ll start to see patients with symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and other mental health issues, which we can assign to QOF codes.

2) Treating QOF as mandatory

Despite being a voluntary programme, many practices running as sustainable businesses often treat QOF as mandatory – and they certainly think about hitting QOF targets in everyday practice life.

Successful and high performing practices ensure the whole practice team is aware of QOFs importance, and embeds it into the practice culture as much as possible.

3) Utilise technology wherever possible

Using a tried and tested patient messaging service can help practices to improve QOF results.

Mjog by Livi’s batch messaging and remote monitoring questionnaires enable practices to engage with patients with particular needs, and help to manage long term conditions.

Integrated with all leading clinical systems, Mjog by Livi ensures information flow is seamless, secure and meets objectives for QOF, and is a quick, easy and secure way to collect patient data. Find out more, here.

To find out how Mjog by Livi can help your practice, and to request a demo, please email If you’re an existing customer, our great product and features are accessible when you log in to our platform.

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