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From cancelling appointments and requesting repeat prescriptions, to signposting - find out the latest updates to our Practice Websites platform, helping you to improve online patient engagement.

When optimised, your practice website is a rich resource of information. It can drive online patient engagement and help reduce demand, giving you back precious time to focus on care.

Our Practice Websites platform is evolving all the time - we’re adding more capabilities and features, which are driven by you and your patients’ needs.

Patients now have the ability to:

  • Cancel appointments
  • Request repeat prescriptions
  • Ask for test results
  • Ask for fit notes without need to log in to third party systems
  • Self refer to local services

These updates have been designed to take some of the friction away from the front office and back office teams when booking appointments.

We’ve also enhanced the signposting on our book an appointment page - introducing more options for patients to self serve.

Supporting self referral

Many self referral services alleviate the pressure on practices as patients find the help they need through these resources instead of booking an appointment with their GP. Our goal is to make the practice website work harder, and for it to act like a digital receptionist.

Our plan is to add even more of these self referral services based on feedback from our practice customers over the coming months.

From content through to user experience, we deliver websites that reflect the standards of the NHS, resulting in a consistent, high-quality site, fully compliant with accessibility laws. Our platform looks like NHS websites, giving patients confidence and trust that they are in the right place and they can rely on the information in front of them.

Our goal is to continue to make healthcare more accessible for all, improve patient satisfaction and their experiences using GP practice websites. In turn, making it more likely they will continue to use digital tools.

Using our demo website, practices can see for themselves what their website will look like just by entering their ODS code.

Take a look at how your new website could look on our platform:

We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.

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