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We take a look at how batch messaging can help support the biggest and most successful vaccination programme in health service history, as it continues its next phase.

Administered through the same delivery model as the first two doses — through vaccination centres, as well as sites led by primary care networks and community pharmacies – the booster vaccination campaign is aimed at protecting the population against COVID-19 during the winter months when pressures on the NHS are most acute.

During the pandemic, practices have been using our platform as part of the national vaccination programme, by sending out over 200 million messages to patients across the UK.

Our industry leading batch messaging service can handle large amounts of patient data with ease and has a staggered message feature helping to control reception workload and further support admin teams during this incredibly busy period.

By using Mjog, practices are able to reassure their eligible patients that their COVID-19 booster vaccination is available and inform them of the timescale and opportunity to receive their boosters and flu shots.

What do practices think?

Simon Bagley, Practice Manager at The Ridgeway Surgery, says: “We’ve been using the Mjog messaging service on a daily basis for around 10 years. During Covid, our teams have described it as invaluable.

“We had cohorts of patients that we needed to contact quickly to let them know about vaccinations. With Mjog, we could target a group and get that message out to them very efficiently, and we subsequently received a high rate of responses too.

“It’s saved our admin teams a huge amount of time. We’ve been able to reach out to large groups of specific patients simultaneously – to contact them individually in such a small timeframe would be a non-starter.

Dr Lee Hough, from The White Rose Surgery, based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, adds: “We use Mjog for batch messaging and appointment reminders for things like flu clinics and check-ups. I recently used it to send all of our pre-diabetic patients, who have not had a blood test in the last 12 months, a reminder to book an appointment.

Things like Flu and Covid-19 booster jabs are a priority for all of primary care during the autumn and winter months, so we’d like to use the batch messaging for that too.”

Niné Swift, Practice Manager at Sheerwater Health Centre in Woking, Surrey, agrees: “Batch messaging is a brilliant way of reaching patients quickly with the most important and the latest practice information. The templates are really simple and straightforward for me and the team to use, and if we require a response from patients, it is also very easy for them to do this.”

There are now new templates in our library:

With a new suite of templates, built from the latest government advice, practices using Mjog are able to quickly inform all of their patients within minutes.

  • Over 50's combined flu & Covid-19 booster template (both jabs can be given at the same time)
  • Flu vaccine only
  • Covid-19 booster only
  • Advice for parents of 12-15 year olds

Mjog is trusted by over 70% of practices across the UK and reaches over 32 million patients across the UK. To discover more of how Mjog can mobilise your localised plans, click here.

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