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Practices across the UK have relied upon Mjog to deliver batch messages and appointment reminders for over a decade. In that time, we have only made a few select changes to our interfaces to ensure continued familiarity amongst our users.

Through the ongoing work we do with our Flagship practices, we've redesigned Batch Messenger to ensure it's faster and more responsive, whilst providing easier access to your essential features. 

Feedback from our Flagship Practices has been fantastic so far;

"It seems much fresher and more modern."

Throughout the design process we have listened to our many thousands of users and designed around their needs and are confident this the most powerful and intuitive batch messaging solution on the market.

"The new batch messaging is much more visual. The process before wasn't difficult but the new process is easier and more intuitive. Writing your own message is simple enough though, I like that it's easy to attach a PDF. A more simplistic way of coding without losing any functionality by the looks of it. I like that the system prompts when something is required that hasn't been added."

So, what changes have we made?

  • New interface

    New streamlined wizard-based user interface to match the new Mjog Home Screen, ensuring the Mjog user journey is easier to navigate.

  • Coding made easier

    Simplified automated coding for delivery and responses - a much easier way of coding to the record and configuring your responses.

  • The patient's view

    We have introduced a graphical template selector which will enable you to search our templates with ease and get the patient's view straight away.

  • Easier to send

    Deliver your messages on your terms - choose to deliver your campaigns on a single date, across a range of dates, or a mixture!

  • Campaign management

    Simpler management of scheduled, in progress, sent and draft Batch Messages, so you can quickly see what's going out and when.

Have any suggestions on how we can improve our batch messaging solution? Join our Flagship Programme and together we can innovate for the future of healthcare engagement.

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