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The public’s top two key priorities for the NHS right now are workload pressures and staffing, according to NHS Providers.

The 5-point action plan, released last year by the RCGP, has called on the government to give GPs a bigger voice in designing care for their local communities, and to integrate them more deeply with the healthcare system at large. With the impact of the pandemic adding pressure to daily workloads, and continued recruitment challenges in general practice, digital software needs to come into the equation to provide support.

Cultivating strong communication

At Mjog, we think it is incredibly important to amplify the voice of local GPs, which can help to improve communication with patients and go on to help create better outcomes. This is true especially when it comes to consultations, which are still being used while the pandemic continues.

The ability to put a face to the name which, for many patients, can make or break how they feel about their doctor - and for the GP themselves, the ability to see a patient’s face can allow them to read body language and spot other signs that can’t be relayed over the phone. That’s where the Livi GPs come in, able to use technology to communicate with patients remotely using video consultations.

The aim of digital tools should also be to reduce pressure and ease workload by adding capacity to the system - capacity to communicate in the most convenient way for GP and patient.

A collaborative approach

We collaborate with our growing cohort of Flagship surgeries as much as we can to design our platforms of engagement (you can learn more about the Flagship programme here) and all of the solutions that make clinicians’ voices heard. And it doesn’t stop there - we are determined to keep pace with user needs, and improving existing tools based on customer feedback is an important part of that.

In the fourth point of the RCGP’s action plan, it sets out ways for the infrastructure of general practice to support GPs as they deliver care with digital tools, by investing in access to the solutions they need to routinely deliver their care as well as the training and guidance they need.

The tools we provide not only help GPs to communicate with patients, but the GPs themselves can have a say in shaping the services that they can provide. If remote consultations and batch messaging are what you need, you have the opportunity to make it happen, with Mjog.

Systemic change is needed

With the gradual move of budget responsibility shifting down to a practice level, this brings some hope that GPs will have a bigger say in the future when it comes to allocation. We know that the majority of practices are still making decisions on a CCG level, but perhaps this shift will change the dynamic and allow for better integration of GPs with the wider healthcare system.

More progress still needs to be made in the IT department if we are to truly empower GPs, and in turn, empower patients by making them feel engaged with. That’s where batch messaging, 1-1 communication, remote consultations and all the tools we can provide will come into play.

GPs should have the tools and the voice to shape the services their practice provides, to choose the digital solutions that work for them, and then have a say in how they are created. Keeping in mind the RCGP action plan and the clear pathways that it sets out for the future of general practice, we are committed to making this happen across the country.

Our solutions are used in 70% of practices across the UK, empowering GPs and enabling them to communicate with over 32 million patients. Get in touch with us to get involved, and most importantly, be heard.

We make patient engagement easy.

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