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Over the past months, Livi and MJog have been redesigning the systems you use. Obviously, this process has coincided with the biggest crisis to hit General Practice and the NHS in decades, which has been hugely challenging for us all. As you guide your patients and colleagues through the latter stages of lockdown population vaccination, we're confident that we've created some essential tools which will help the post-pandemic GP practice to flourish.

Our experienced team uses human-centred service design techniques to ensure the public receives the highest and most appropriate standards of service from General Practice. This compliments the NHS's own approach; every UK public sector body uses the same technique to create new digital services, or transform existing ones. 

Designing for experience, not just outcomes

We collaborate with our Flagship customers (you can learn more about the Flagship programme here) to design our platforms of engagement.  They inform, direct and share their experiences and concerns with our team. As a group, we want to enable positive patient experiences of communicating with their GPs, as well as the positive outcomes they need, and it's those patient experiences in particular that have led a practices' reputation during the pandemic. 

Examining all surgery stakeholder experiences

Our process 'sees' us walking through your front doors and taking in every aspect of the surgery, examining it from every perspective. Visualising our design process is easy. We look at every touchpoint a practice has with their patients, and how they work for you, your staff, even the behind the scenes teams who have no direct interaction with patients. We look at everything from how things work when a patient picks up their phone to Google the surgery's number, to what typically happens when a patient leaves the consulting room. 

Our design team asks important questions, working with our Flagship practices to document the research and understand patient and clinician needs. 

  • Where are the gaps in flow?

  • What opportunities during a patient engagement are there to improve??

  • What questions came up for stakeholders that went unanswered?

We work hard to ensure that we don't just look at all the things the teams we speak to are going through -- we also encourage them to look into the things they may not realise that other stakeholders go through. Our process helps patient experience evolve. 

A blueprint of our services as a model for practice transformation

The results of our service design become a blueprint, a physical map of the way Livi and MJog services exist inside a typical practice. We continue to refer to it, and to the wisdom of our Flagship practices, as our platforms of engagement evolve and need further feedback and testing. 

Over the coming months, I'm going to share with you the blueprints and design processes for three of our most recent refreshed services, starting in May with the work we've been doing on Desktop GP. Please, get in touch if you'd like to get involved with any of our customer collaboration and feedback programmes. We'd love to hear from you.

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