Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of healthcare

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We recognise the individuals who work relentlessly to continue to put patient safety first despite the mounting challenges.

That’s why earlier this week (Monday 11th April) we launched surprise messages of thanks on billboards for our nominees, as voted for by their practice colleagues in the Mjog Flagship Programme.

Liz Thomas, Clinical Manager at Edlesborough Surgery, and Mark Parrish, Administrator at Selsey Medical Practice, were both nominated by their respective practice colleagues for the truly inspirational work they’ve been doing to support their co-workers and local communities.

“Liz, you’ve given over 40 years to looking after others and the last 15 you’ve spent with the Edlesborough team have been nothing short of inspirational. The whole team wants you to know how valued you really are.”

“Mark, it’s hard to put into words how much you’ve contributed to the Selsey Medical team’s daily lives. From volunteering at weekends throughout Covid to supporting daily Practice life, every Practice needs a ‘Mark’!”

But our campaign doesn’t stop there...

We want to celebrate the wonderful individuals working across our 4,000 GP practices, making a real difference to the patients in their local community. To recognise these special people, Mjog will host an awards ceremony every quarter, where practices can nominate fellow staff members for the four award categories below. We'll then select two winners and send them a gift, on behalf of their practice, thanking them for all of their hard work!

  1. Someone that makes practice life better/easier
  2. Going above and beyond
  3. Best use of Mjog tools, and finally
  4. Unsung hero

Recent reports show all-time high NHS waiting lists. As a result, healthcare workers and patients alike are being left to pay the price of widespread inefficiencies, with the latest research suggesting a staggering 92% of NHS trusts are concerned about staff wellbeing, stress and burnout. Meanwhile, patients are left anxiously waiting for treatment as healthcare staff continue to deliver care amid persistent shortages, excessive workloads and an environment of chronic stress.

At the face of this rising pressure, there’s a crucial and sadly often overlooked group of administrators, practice receptionists and clinical managers attempting to balance the wellbeing of their patients and staff, and whose incredible work enables frontline medical staff to do their jobs in untenable conditions every day. Yet these behind-the-scenes workers rarely receive the recognition they deserve.

Liz Thomas, Clinical Manager at Edlesbourough Surgery (Bedfordshire), has worked in the NHS for over 40 years as both a Practice Nurse and Clinical Manager. She said: “After the pandemic, there’s rightly a lot of fear and health anxiety. However, it feels like we’re having to manage this rising pressure alone and instead of someone out there battling for us, we have to battle for ourselves.”

NHS reform plans announced by Sajid Javid in March promise to invest in a digital health plan and the use of technology to make practice life easier. However, the stories and experiences of these behind-the-scenes workers cannot be overlooked, with patient anxiety and frustration often playing out in day to day practice life.

Liz Thomas continues: “Things have gotten totally out of hand in the past. Both parties are equally as frustrated and we get it - it’s not nice to have to wait for an appointment when you’re concerned about your health.”

Jonathan Duffy, Head of Practices, Mjog by Livi, said: “We believe that every patient should have access to the right care at the right time, and we recognise the individuals like Liz and Mark who work ceaselessly to continue to put patient safety first despite the mounting challenges. That’s why we’ve launched surprise messages of thanks on billboards for our nominees. But our campaign doesn’t stop there. We feel it is the right time to celebrate unsung heroes across the country, which is why we’ve launched a website for other practices across the UK to nominate an unsung hero so we can celebrate them and spread more kindness.”

Mark Parrish, Administrator at Selsey Medical Practice, said: “Technology makes an immense difference to our working life. During the pandemic, we had to act fast and think of ways to support people virtually and having the right tech that integrates seamlessly frees us up to offer online and virtual consultations. Some practices aren’t lucky enough to have this - yet now we have it, I couldn’t imagine being without it.”

Click here to nominate an Unsung Hero in your community and spread kindness to those who are making a real difference in the lives of patients.

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