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Over 4,000 practices across the UK can start using the new MJog user interface on Thursday 20th May. It comes with a new intuitive design, designed in collaboration with our community.

The team at MJog have been working hand-in-hand with practice staff to deliver a fresh experience to MJog which is easier to use and has the features practices need readily available from the home screen.

Our development team are also working on our Batch Messaging design, which we will start testing with our Flagship Practices in the coming weeks. All other interfaces underneath the home screen remain unchanged, but we are working hard on revitalising these too.

Navigation has also been redesigned so that it's simple and easy to use. With a new left-side menu, users can jump between features easily and improve workflows. 

Following feedback, we have simplified our statistics report and also reduced the number of clickable options from the home screen. This leads to a much simpler navigation that improves usability.

Feedback from our Flagship Practices has been fantastic so far:

"The new home page is excellent and easy to navigate."

The new MJog UI will help those who find using IT more difficult engage with patients more easily, improving patient outcomes:

"I much prefer the new home page style to previous, as it feels more polished. This polished, more modern design and layout will definitely make it easier for those less IT literate to engage with MJog and our patients."

All MJog practices will be upgraded to the new home screen on Thursday 20th May, but can continue using our legacy version if they prefer.

We're also welcoming feedback via a new feedback form that users can find within the new interface. We welcome all your suggestions and feedback!

The Biggest Ever Update to MJog

Practices across the UK have relied upon MJog to deliver batch messages and appointment reminders for over a decade. In that time, we have only made a few select changes to our interfaces to ensure continued familiarity amongst our users.

With the support of our sister company, Livi, we have been able to invest significant resources into improving the core MJog product as well as Desktop GP.

Throughout the design process, we have listened to our many thousands of users and designed around their needs. Below you'll see where each piece of the older MJog system lives in our new UI.

Looking Ahead

Our developers are working on our batch messaging flow. They're making it simpler and clearer for people to use, and making it even more intuitive to add SNOMED codes and response templates. We will be trailing our new batch messaging flow with our Flagship Practices in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we are testing our new Desktop GP user interfaces with practices next week ahead of a wider rollout. The new design is slimmer so that it takes up less screen space. It's also a lot faster than previous versions.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions on Twitter, our Facebook Community, or via email. Get in touch if there's something we've not outlined in this blog and we'll get back to you!

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