How Mjog is meeting hybrid expectations with digital tools in 2022

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There is no doubt that COVID has massively accelerated the adoption of digital health solutions.

With that said, here at Mjog we have a lot in store for the year ahead. From new products and services to the expansion and improvement of existing tools, our upcoming improvements will ensure the delivery of exceptional care. We are accelerating the development of the way care is delivered in the UK, one tool at a time, and here is how.

New solutions for emerging challenges

Since being forced to use remote consultations as a way of providing care, many practices are embracing a hybrid model of delivery. It has taught many of us: people shouldn’t have to take too much time out of their lives to engage with their healthcare provider, especially now that restrictions have eased and life is getting busier once again.

In response to this, we’ve been hard at work…

New solutions are in development, and we can’t wait to see the benefits to GPs, patients, and wider communities. We’ve been building a selection of questionnaires to be used for patients with different diseases, or risk factors for disease. They allow patients to report risk factors such as whether they smoke or not, their height and weight, and they also gather data by ethnicity. We are also developing a widget-type tool for your practice website, where a patient can submit their question or admin request.

Primary care doesn’t just involve walking through the doors of a GP surgery anymore. Digital solutions need to keep pace with that.

Flexible care for the challenges ahead

All of it boils down to flexibility, and often, the expectation for remote care provision is that it’s a given - not a luxury. We’ve seen a rise in the remote monitoring of oxygen levels, heart rates, blood pressure, and chronic conditions such as asthma. With it, we’ve noticed a real change in culture when it comes to trusting patients to manage their conditions and provide accurate information to GPs.

With that in mind, it's essential that the tools we build are accessible from any location. At Mjog we’re committed to making sure that we collect as much feedback from our GP users as possible, so that we can make sure their jobs are unhindered by restrictions by technical issues or location.

Looking to the future, we know that the tools available to GPs through Mjog will have a positive impact on the way care is delivered. To make sure of that, we have a constant loop of feedback connecting us with the GPs that use our solutions.

In 2022, we’re focused on this positive drive forward, and expanding the ways we can help. Get in touch with us to find out more about what Mjog can offer your practice.

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