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The White Rose Surgery, based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, is one of the latest practices to join the Mjog Flagship Programme. Dr Lee Hough tells us how he'd like to take batch messaging to the next level as we look to put the pandemic behind us.

How many patients do you have at The White Rose Surgery?

We have approximately 24,000 patients and 80 staff across our three sites. I joined in 2010, from The Northern General A&E. I'm one of the partners here at White Rose. I tend to deal with clinical issues, QOF, interpreting contracts, reviewing our figures, etc. I also review a lot of the technology we are using - I'm always interested in new tech.

Did you spot any changes or trends with your different patient demographics during COVID-19?

We've noticed that younger patients are very happy with video and telephone appointments and the older they get the more they prefer a face-to-face appointment. It's been very interesting during the pandemic, seeing technology really take an active role in helping us to navigate the challenges. Our staff and patients alike have really adapted well to rapid change and to using new digital tools. 

How are you currently using Mjog?

We use it for batch messaging and appointment reminders for things like flu clinics and check-ups. I recently used it to send all of our pre-diabetic patients, who have not had a blood test in the last 12 months, a reminder to book an appointment. 

You've recently joined the Mjog Flagships Programme, what made you want to take part?

The Flagships Programme is a great way for us to try new technology and to make it work for us, with minimal risk or impact on the practice. We're looking forward to testing out Desktop GP in particular, to see how it can support us as we look to put the pandemic behind us. 

And as we all look forward to a post-pandemic future, what are the immediate and long-term goals for The White Rose Surgery?

Our goal is to ensure we make the transition between clinical systems safely, and make sure we continue to maintain QOF. Things like Flu and COVID booster jabs are going to be a priority for all of primary care in the autumn and winter months, so we'd like to use the batch messaging for that. 

We'd like to enable patients to book appointments online themselves so that our staff are freed up to do other things. We'd like to take the messaging service to the next level, and hopefully as part of the Flagships Programme, we'll be able to.

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