Desktop GP Is Now Free For Over 4,000 Practices

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Over 4,000 practices are now able to benefit from free access to MJog Desktop GP, Sequences, and Video calls for 2021, valued at over £1m.

Practices around the UK can use MJog's clinician toolbar, Desktop GP, to contact their patients without leaving the clinical system. Desktop GP has been developed hand-in-hand with GPs to build features that are essential for practices and clinicians.

All practices that use MJog can download Desktop GP for free now

Top 5 ways Clinicians can use Desktop GP

Desktop GP helps GPs and clinicians engage with patients on a 1-1 basis.

1. Send a pre-appointment message to a patient, asking for more details of their condition or giving them guidance on how to attend their video appointment

2. Ask a patient for up to 5 photos of their condition, which can be coded back to the EMR with ease through MJog

3. Send a Sequence of advice to a patient, spread out over a number of weeks to improve engagement with their healthcare

4. Start a video consultation with a patient using your PC or phone

5. Attach a document, such as a fit-note, and send it to a patient via SMS

Effective ways to use Sequences

Desktop GP allows you to create a scheduled Sequence of messages to engage with your patients. GPs find that Sequences are most effective when following an appointment.

  • Home-testing reminders for blood pressure, glucose, or asthma

  • Smoking cessation to help with meeting QOF targets

  • Reminders to take medication

  • Automatic follow-ups for COVID-19 vaccinations

Video Consultation with Desktop GP

With Desktop GP, GPs can easily initiate a video consultation with a patient. The GP can choose to conduct the video consultation via their PC and webcam, or via their mobile device if desired.

Video consultations with MJog Video are quick, easy, and free. However, if your practice or area is already funding another video solution, you may be able to integrate it directly with the Desktop GP toolbar, here's the providers we support:

Get Started with Desktop GP

Clinicians find it easy to get started with Desktop GP as the intuitive design make onboarding seamless. We've also produced a video onboarding series for new users on YouTube.

We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.

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