Hancock advises all over 70s to contact their GP for COVID-19 Vaccine

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In today's daily briefing held at Downing Street, Health Secretary Matt Hancock encouraged everyone over the age of 70, who is yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19, to contact their GP. 

This encouragement to millions of over 70s to contact their General Practice will result in clogged phone lines and anxious patients across the United Kingdom. Although the Health Secretary tried to point patients to the National Booking Service, and NHS 119, those who have experience in primary care know that patients over 70 prefer to talk to their GP, who they know and trust. Older patients trust their GP, and MJog's effective campaigns help build trust between patient and practice.

To help the 4,300 practices that trust MJog for their patient communications, we are hosting a webinar on 9th February at 3pm GMT to guide busy practices through the process of sending their over 70s a campaign to determine their vaccination status and reassure them.

By using MJog, practices are be able to reassure their patients who are over 70 that they will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Additionally, using the MJog platform, practices are able to create a list of patients who indicate they have not been vaccinated and get in touch with them more efficiently. Our batch messaging solution quickly and efficiently identifies patients that cannot be contacted by SMS (due to a phone number missing etc.) and provides practices with a breakdown of patients they will need to contact by phone.

Practices are advised that patients should be contacted on their preferred channel, whether that's by telephone, SMS, App, or Email. MJog's multi-channel solution ensures that practices can engage with patients via their preferred communications channel, which in turn will improve patient engagement and ensure a better quality of healthcare received by the patient.

MJog is used by over 4,300 practices across UK and reaches over 32 million patients across the UK.

We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.

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