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Engage with patients. One intuitive platform.

Mjog is a one-stop solution to manage how your practice engages with patients. Save time and reach more patients.

The Patient Engagement Platform
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Mjog is one simple solution to help run your practice

Over 4,000 practices benefit from using Mjog to engage with their patients.

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Collaboration is key

Designed for practices, by practices

Our user research and Flagship teams work hand-in-hand with practices to build solutions that your practice needs.


Do it all with Mjog

One intuitive platform for your whole practice, fully integrated into your clinical system.

Industry leading batch messaging

Send messages to thousands of patients with ease. Attach documents and allow patients to reply too.

Customisable appointment reminders

Every practice is different, which is why our reminders can be customised for each patient, clinic or appointment type.

Manage your data efficiently

Collect and file data easily with NHS Digital, and send automatic surveys to friends and family.

Desktop GP toolbar for 1:1 engagement

Send messages to or arrange a video consultation with a patient using Desktop GP, our clinical toolbar.

Easy inbox management

The MJog inbox is designed to be simple to manage and easy to read, and we're continuously making improvements.

Multi-channel patient engagement

Contact patients on their preferred channel for maximum engagement - either through SMS, email, voice or app.


One platform for your practice

Mjog helps over 4,000 practices manage their practice every week.


We make patient engagement easy.

Our intuitive and flexible platform helps over 4,000 practices engage with patients every day.