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Desktop GP, which is now available to over 4,000 practices across the UK, has been given a face-lift on MJog's latest version with further improvements to come.

With more than 4,000 practices now eligible to use Desktop GP across the UK, MJog have made important updates following feedback from dozens of GPs and practice managers.

Upcoming Desktop GP Changes

The MJog team are also working on some exciting upcoming changes, including a radical change in design. After feedback from dozens of GPs, it was obvious that GPs value their screen real-estate. In response, the MJog design and development teams are now working on the following design, which will be moving into development very soon.

The key changes with the new slimline version are;

  • See more of your screen with a slimmer design

  • Easily see crucial patient details; NHS number, date of birth, age

  • Insert NHS advice links more easily

  • Automatic default clinical coding

Live Features in Desktop GP

In the latest version of Desktop GP, there's now a feature that enables clinicians to decide whether they want a patient to reply to a message. This crucial feature is available across Systm0ne and EMIS practices using Desktop GP.

Another feature that is now live, is the ability for clinicians to ask patients to provide photos of their condition, directly into the MJog inbox. Up to five photos can be submitted, of which the clinician using Desktop GP can zoom, rotate, and save to the clinical record.

A well-praised feature of Desktop GP is that it informs clinicians of when a patient's phone number is also registered to another patient. This is especially useful when delivering sensitive test results to someone, where it would be inappropriate for other people using that phone to be able to see them.

We're constantly seeking feedback on our new designs over on Twitter, or via our MJog Facebook Community, so please join and share your thoughts with us!

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